Though most families spend the month of December keeping warm by the fireplace, enjoying spiced egg nog or playing board games, there is still a huge population of individuals that spend the time going, well, crazy. If you are already thinking of a December tradition that you want to capture for years to come, bring your family photos to Hampton House Art and Framing! We will help you find the right art frame or picture frame for your framing needs in Winston Salem, NC and Kernersvile, NC. Time Magazine reports that the Christmas Holiday is a worldwide season for December dares. From Brighton, England to Louisiana, there is so much to capture.

We have gathered the most daring moments of them all to share with you.

  1. Snow Wave – Have you ever seen a sea shore covered in snow? That alone is an image worth putting in a frame. Try putting on a Santa hat and beach shorts and walking right into a wave of snow that extends yards above your head. No way, right?! Well, it is what they do in parts of England.
  2. Competitive Christmas – Over in London, spending Christmas in water is just as daring for a group of competitors who swim Serpentine Lake. According to Time Magazine, they are the oldest swimming groups in the U.K.
  3. Fire It Up We do not mean with your arms, we mean with a bonfire! Down in Louisiana, it is tradition on Christmas Eve to light bonfires. What is the point? Well, according to their folklore, it is so the children of Louisiana can light their Santa Claus’s way to their houses when he comes down the river.

Of course, we are not asking you to walk into a wall of snow, or compete in a swimming competition, or even go bonfire crazy. Rather, if you happen to attend an ugly Christmas Sweater Party or you want to frame your kids’ letter to Santa for life, choose Hampton House Art and Framing for picture frames and art frames.

We Dare You to Capture the Moment This December 2016!