At Hampton House we work with both customers looking for picture frames for their Winston Salem, NC homes and businesses to help get them the corporate art they need. If you haven’t invested in corporate art for your business, you should seriously consider it. An office environment says a lot about the personality of a business. The right art selections can convey the right message to clients, while poor choices reflect negatively. Still not convinced? Here are 3 reasons you should invest in corporate artwork with Hampton House.

1. Set the Right Tone
When it comes to the art in the picture frames of your Winston Salem, NC business, you want to make sure it sets the right tone for every client that walks in the door. You want your business to feel like a welcoming place that can really take care of their needs. Corporate art work is a great way to accomplish that. According to Business Matters,

“An IAC survey…[confirms] that 94 per cent of the respondents believe that art makes their workplace more welcoming and that 61 per cent agree it also stimulates creativity.”

At Hampton House, we come to you and can make sure we find the art perfect for you to accomplish that welcoming environment you need when you invite your clients to the office. Whatever the size, subject, or style we’re ready to help create that environment with you.

2. Reflect Your Individuality
You and the people that work for you are unique, so the corporate art should reflect that. You don’t want to look like every other place the customer has already been. Show who you are and what you can do with your interior design. Not only does Hampton House help with finding art, we can help create the perfect pieces for your office. We can use our experience and resources from years in the industry to find the art that fits you.

3. Improve Morale
More than the customer side, art has been proven to make employees that much more productive. According to Forbes, there were some studies on office productivity at,

“Exeter University and another in commercial offices which saw participants take on a series of tasks in a workspace that was either lean (bare and functional), enriched (decorated with plants and pictures), empowered (allowing the individual to design the area) or disempowered (where the individual’s design was redesigned by a “manager”). This study found that people working in enriched spaces (decorated with art or plants) were 17% more productive than those in lean spaces.”

Corporate art not only helps with welcoming the customer but makes your place of work a place where things can be accomplished. At Hampton House, we even take the extra work out of it. Our specialists pick up, deliver, and install to make it a stress free way to improve your workplace.

Ready to Browse?
Working with local as well as national artists and photographers, our in house printing service can produce one of a kind imagery to capture just what it is a business is trying to tell its customers. Since we are all under one roof, this can be done quickly, allowing less time from approval to installation. If you’re ready to get the corporate art and the picture frames you need for your Winston Salem, NC business, don’t hesitate to contact us.