Your picture frame gurus up at Hampton House Art and Framing wish you a very happy New Year! As you are wondering if you will be able to keep your resolutions, we just want you to know – we are here for you in 2017. If you happen to meet the love of your life in February, we will help you cherish them in a picture frame that says “forever.” If you or someone close to you is graduating in May, we will be there to help you find the perfect frame for their graduation photos and, moreover, their diploma. And when summer rolls around and you find a piece of art or photography that you just do not want to part with, we will help you custom design and choose a picture frame that is pretty and protective.

It is our mission every day to help our customers find joy in the art of framing, just read the success stories. Want to celebrate the New Year in Style? Consider these tips for making your prized art and photo collections last awhile longer. After all, there is history in the art of framing.

Nothing has to be lost forever if you keep some kind of archive of what you own whether it be digitally stored across multiple devices, or physically stored in a vault or your home away from home. Even if you just have a picture of a picture or a picture of art, today’s technology allows you to bring these pieces back to life.

It may seem impossible that you will ever be able to make an ancient photo of your great grandmother look refreshed and new, but it is not. Some of the world’s best photoshopping figures are sitting at your fingertips, and they want to help.

Afterwards, keep your photos safe from dust in the attic and everyone’s hands by putting them on your walls. Whatever you decide, Hampton House Art and Frame is ready for you for all of 2017.

Celebrate the New Year in Style Today!