Gifts From The Heart

Gifts From The Heart

Custom Framing Makes A Wonderful Gift!

The holidays will be here before we know it, and you want to buy meaningful gifts for the special people on your list. Gift cards and Two-Day Shipping might be convenient, but custom framed gifts are treasured forever.

What makes a gift memorable? When you are creating a unique framed project, you are giving your loved one a one-of-a-kind gift from the heart…something they wouldn’t buy for themselves…something that evokes a smile every time they look at it. Now is the time to begin thinking about the unique memories, keepsakes, and treasures you want to frame for the holidays. Here’s some ideas!

Celebrate A Dream Come True

Life goals deserve recognition when they are achieved, but they are unique to each person. Get creative – sometimes the small details make the best framed memories.

Dream Vacation? Relive paradise by framing a photo from those travels.
Dream Car? Celebrate this achievement by framing the window sticker.
Dream Job? Encourage that hard work by framing the first dollars earned.

Frame The Kids!

Any parent or grandparent will be thrilled with a present that showcases their children. Maybe your son is a new Dad or your friend with kids is hard to buy for…you can’t go wrong with a gift centered around their beautiful bundles of joy. There are so many frameable ideas…

  • Newborn photography
  • Baby feet
  • Mother & Child Image
  • Hand-drawn Portrait
  • Family Tradition
  • Kid’s Art

Match A Décor Style

Art is very individual, so when you find the perfect art for someone, it speaks volumes. Sometimes the art is decorative in nature, and sometimes it is more expressive. Either way, understanding the tastes of others shows that you care. For example, wouldn’t this rooster print look fabulous in your friend’s farm-themed kitchen? She will think of you every time she looks at it.

You Collect WHAT? Display Your Collection

Everybody collects something – from fountain pens to coins to Pez dispensers! Pick the collectible that has the most sentimental meaning or is the favorite. We can frame three-dimensional objects, so don’t feel limited in your selection!

Enjoy Special Moments

Keep the memory of special people and moments alive by framing a meaningful reminder. A beautiful letter your grandmother wrote you as a child…a wine label from your sister’s birthday at the winery…the hole-in-one golf ball your best friend shot last summer….these all make amazing gifts!

Relive Holiday Memories

Children add a boisterous warmth to the holidays. Remember those delightful moments when the kids were small and seemed to embody holiday spirit? Display those memories so you can cherish them each holiday season.