At the end of January, Lara and I had an opportunity to go to Las Vegas for a trade show. Now you would think the most exciting thing we saw was the abundance of folks advertising prostitutes, or the hordes of human zombies mesmerized by slot machines like moths to a flame. Sure, all that was pretty eye opening but the coolest thing by far we saw (and here’s where you get a picture of just how cool we are) was a new software platform that allows us to shop online for art images, purchase those images, then download and print them all in a matter of minutes, and all from our shop (or your office, boardroom, etc.).

This is a technology that is long overdue. Imagine, no more out of stock or discontinued images, no more shipping fees and two week turn arounds until the art comes in. This allows publishers to divorce themselves from stacks of preprinted images, and allows us the ease and speed to get what we want, when we want it. See, I told you it was cooler than prostitutes and slack jawed gamblers.

Both of the above images are from this new resource, and were framed virtually using the virtual framing tool available from Larson Juhl. And as always, if there are any questions about this or any other service we offer don’t hesitate to reach out to us.