Your diploma deserves a custom frame worthy of your degree!

Everyone knows a diploma is much more than just a boring piece of paper. It represents years of hard work and certifies that you have the education necessary for a successful future. Whether you just graduated high school or are attending your class reunion, you worked hard to earn your diploma! Your degree is something to be extremely proud of. After all that effort, your diploma needs a frame worthy of your skills.

Now that you’ve got an office to decorate and clients to impress, you can finally frame your diploma. That expensive piece of paper isn’t going to do you any good hidden in a drawer or yellowing in a broken frame. Let your diploma be a silent sales tool, communicating your professionalism, credentials, and style. Custom framing your diploma is a great way to enhance its presentation and preserve it for the future.

Communicate Professionalism:

When you are in a professional’s office, don’t you want to know their credentials? Accountants, lawyers, and medical professionals are required to have a certain level of education and licensure. Your clients want to see your qualifications – proudly display them! Make it easy for your clients to be confident in your background and skillset.



Set Yourself Apart:

Everybody knows what ordinary looks like – give your clients a reason to notice your credentials. Frame each diploma or certificate differently, upgrading with each degree. Good quality framing spells success.


Create a custom design that is as unique as your graduate!



You can choose whatever frame moulding and style suits your personality and decor. Different design options completely change how a diploma looks! For an interesting twist, incorporate bold school colors, textured fabric mats, complementary fillets, or metallics that match the diploma seal. Transform graduation memorabilia into memories your graduate will treasure forever. Including photos, class pictures, announcements, tassels, and caps is a great way to personalize the diploma.

Classic Design



High school and college diplomas have a very traditional, classic style. Ornate diploma fonts are generally paired with a metallic seal on an off-white background. You can design your project in any décor style you wish, but you can never go wrong with these classic looks.


Preserve Your Diploma For Years To Come

Custom Framing can extend the life of your diploma.

Diplomas are meant to be displayed and enjoyed for years – sometimes even a lifetime. If framed improperly, your diploma could quickly show the effects of time, sun damage, and acid burn. Don’t let this important document be ruined! Proper custom framing helps preserve your diploma with UV protected glass, acid-free matboard and materials, and museum-quality reversible mounting. This keeps the document in an environment that slows deterioration.

A Brief History Lesson…

Diplomas used to be a work of art, featuring intricate calligraphy and designs, hand-lettered on sheepskin (parchment). They were traditionally rolled because if folded, they would crease and eventually break. It also was easier to handle rolled documents while traveling. The diploma was developed as a communication tool – traveling scholars needed to prove that they were ‘certified.’ Now it communicates your credentials to your clientele, still serving the same essential function.

Today degrees are commonplace; thousands of students earn some form of diploma or degree every year. Printing diplomas on paper rather than sheepskin is much more cost-effective. As technology advanced, diploma designs became more basic; embossing, colored ink, and metallic seals are now the norm.