Fresh Look For The Season

Design for Comfort in 2019

It’s Spring cleaning time! Time to clean the cobwebs and freshen up your space. Modernize your style with a few easy tweaks to your interior. New accent pieces and art showcasing popular materials can help give you a fresh look for the season. Refreshing a décor style can be as simple as a new coat of paint, a different pillow, or a new frame moulding.

The biggest trend in home décor right now is Comfort! The Danish have a word for it: Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga). Hygge is not just a word – it’s a concept, an attitude of living a cozy life through the enjoyment of simple, natural things. In these tumultuous times, we long for comfort and seek a calming effect in our surroundings. Adding personal, comforting touches to our homes increases feelings of content.

How do you apply Hygge to your home? Infuse your space with your personality! Decorate with items that give you comfort. Maybe it’s a lush throw blanket, a photograph of nature, or a new light fixture. Pair these personal comforts with natural materials. Keep your décor simple (but not necessarily minimal). Look for patterned woods, linear accents, open geometric shapes, soft metallics, and warm fabrics.

What’s Your Hygge Frame Style?

What each of us finds comforting is very individual. Our personalities play a huge role in determining what our personal Hygge style will look like. If you’re…

Serene & Calm: Frame a soothing scene from nature with wooden textures.

Fun & Quirky: Be bold! Go with a bright color for your frame.

Trendy & Stylish: Choose a metallic frame or fillet (matte or rose gold).

Left-Brained: Pick art & framing that draws upon linear patterns.

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