Have you ever gone downtown Winston Salem NC and noticed the collection of art in the windows or on the walls of your favorite places? Say, for instance, have you noticed the art in a museum or a restaurant? Or, have you ever gone over to a friend’s place and wondered how they came to possess and impressive art collection.

Unfortunately, high end artists and their critics don’t go shouting their secrets from the rooftops of Winston-Salem, NC. Even so, we know that our city is home to talented artists or art fanatics who collect some pretty amazing pieces. Of course, we like art and we want a collection of our own, but how do we collect art like the pros do it?

Rightfully so, your picture frames Winston Salem NC pros at Hampton House Gallery has 2-step solution to your predicament.

1)  Pick Your Thing – choose a style or artist that you particularly adore and start building your collection by hunting down this individual’s posters, prints, or paintings. Though you can start online, don’t be afraid to venture out to an estate sale  or a high end home decoration store, because you just never know if a collection of Edward Hopper’s or some other artist will be right there.

2) Get Your Things Framed – we are not just saying this, because we are picture frames Winston Salem NC specialists. In truth, there is a difference between hanging art on your walls with a thumbtack or nails (whether it is your own, your kids, or store-bought) and having your art collection framed. A frame, after all, adds a classy, high quality touch to your space that tells your guests 1) you have darn good taste 2) you care about your taste in artwork and 3) no one can dare touch your taste.

These steps will guide you building your collection the right way.  Collect Art Like a Pro with Hampton House Gallery Today.