November 2016 is a wonderful time to seize the season. Moreover, it is a great chance for artists to capture the changing colors of leaves, and for men to grow their beards in support of “No Shave November.” If there is a moment you are wanting to capture, let it be with Hampton House Art and Framing. We help artists all around Winston-Salem, NC and Kernersville, NC frame their photography, paintings, and more. We additionally help families embrace the Fall temperatures that are reaching far across North Carolina by helping them catch time forever. Indeed, Fall time is a great time to enjoy the state’s rich, vibrant colors. And, once you’ve found that perfect moment to capture – just how do you find the perfect frame for it? This could be your engagement photo, your birthday photo, or even a night out in the November air. It is a moment you just don’t want to forget, but it needs a picture frame or art frame.

Let these tips point you in the right direction. Additionally, our experienced designers would be happy to help!

Color – you might think that a beautiful collection of your pressed red, orange, and purple leaves should go in a plain, brown frame. Maybe not. In fact, to bring out your chosen colors, you may want a brighter frame with matting that complements your artistic choices.

Space – it is not always necessary that your photo extend all the way to the actual frame. In some cases, it is better to plant your photo on a backdrop of color that springs your colors to life.

Placement – likewise, a lot of the paintings or photography you see around town may have a centered focus point, but your home or office can be different. By placing your photos in the right place within any of our frames, you draw your audience’s attention right to where you want it.

Want more tips and advice for your particular piece? Contact Hampton House Art and Framing and Frame Your November in a Picture Frame or Art Frame Today!