So, I know I’ve posted about his tool before, but I just can’t help myself because it’s so cool. Larson-Juhl has created a web based virtual framing tool that lets you design your very own custom frame job AND, place it on a background that closely mimics your wall color.

Here are some of the neato functions:

With the Interactive Frame Design tool, you’re able to create designs with up to three layers of mats and fillets! Be sure to check out the tool’s zoom feature so you can get an up close look at all of the details you incorporate into your design.


In addition to utilizing multiple mats and fillets in your digital design, you can also create stacked frame combinations with up to three mouldings! When your design is complete, you can choose a paint color, from our vast selection, for the background. This fun option allows you and your clients to see what the finished piece will look like against a specific wall color.

This is pretty cool, but remember if you like talking with real people, there’s no place like Hampton House as a resource for your frame design needs.