Let me go ahead and apologize for this blog. There will be no pictures, links or any other exciting blog-type material. I know what you’re saying, “Just when I thought he couldn’t make it any more boring, BAM!, he steps it up a notch on the boring scale”.

Basically, I’m just sending this out to the army of followers (I think we’re up to six now, which really amazes me), to let you know that the times they are a changing. Tomorrow April 1st will mark our 33rd year in business, no foolin’. We’re so excited to still be here and have loved almost every minute of it(except the past year, that’s been somewhat challenging). To ring in this new era, you can expect some things to change and some to stay the same. We should be communicating more frequently with you via email, facebook and blog, as well as other ways. Also, at some point we’ll be unveiling a new look for our gallery so keep on the lookout for that. Now, what won’t change is the service, quality and design you know and love. Whether it’s fine art, expert custom framing or photo restoration, we will still strive to offer you guys the best we can. Why do we do that you ask? Because after 33 years of operation, you guys are the reason we’re here.

Thank you!!!